How to Deal with Problem Tenants

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Problem Tenants?

Problem tenants are the nightmare that every landlord dreads.

What do you do when your tenants trash the property or stop paying? When they break all the clauses in your AST and it’s time to give them their marching orders?

As a landlord you have recourse to the law but you must never take the law into your own hands.

Tenants smashed your furniture? Well, that’s considered a little naughty in law

Landlord barges in uninvited? Oops, that’s considered a CRIMINAL ACT of HARRASSMENT!

The basic truth is that as a Landlord you must follow the procedures to get rid of problem tenants. If you have an AST (assured shorthold tenancy) then you can either issue a Section 21 Notice to the tenant stating that you require the property vacant.

For a Section 21 Notice you must give at least 2 months notice from the end of the last payment period (i.e. the day of the month if paid monthly). If the tenant doesn’t leave by then, you will have to get a County Court Order to gain possession.

You still can’t go in without the tenant’s permission and you certainly cannot change the locks, or dump the tenant’s belongings outside – you’ll be facing a prison sentence.

If the tenant is in arrears then you can file a Section 8 Notice that is a fast track for possession of the property.

However, if the tenant pays the arrears before the Court Hearing date then you will be back to square one unless you have also issued a simultaneous Section 21 Notice.

The issuing of these notices requires you to make no mistakes. Any mistakes and the notices will be deemed by the Court to have not been issued!

So take advice from a specialist lawyer or company that specialises in evicting bad tenants.

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